GDPR Privacy Policy

Last updated 07/04/2022

Purpose of GDPR Policy

Asian Cam Girl Sex ( or the website) is owned and operated by an individual based in Hamilton, New Zealand. The purpose of this policy is to make data collection and storage transparent to website users.

Data processors
For google analytics, please refer to
For Livejasmin, please refer to

How we collect data
The website does not collect or store any personal information. The website is hosted on servers in Canada and the servers routinely log ip address, country of origin, date and time. Logged data is used for statistical purposes and to analyse web traffic. An individual cannot be identified from the data we collect. uses Google Analytics tool to log and analyse web traffic and trends. Please refer to Google for inquiries about their policies and data use.
The website uses thid-party advertising tools provided by Livejasmin. Please refer to for inquiries about their policies and data use.

How we use data uses data collected to analyse website trends or page popularity. 
The website uses country-of-origin data generated from the website user's ip address to protect the identity of models that have specified a country exception. A visitor to the website will not see information from models that have excluded the visitor's country.

How we disclose data
Data logs from are not shared with any third-party.

How we store data
Data collected by is stored in log files on the webserver physical memory (drives) located in Canada. The webserver is configured to log only ip address, country, date and time. When data is viewed by the website owner, the data is transfered via encrypted https protocol to the owner's web browser for analysis. In doing so, non-identifying data is transferred from Canada to New Zealand.

User rights
Because the website does not collect personal information and the webserver does not log identifying data, there is no data to supply in relation to the right to access, the right to be forgotten or the right to object.

How to complain
If you have a complaint in relation to this GDPR, please contact us using the email below. It is our intention to comply with the GDPR regulations fully and we will respond positively to any request for correction.

Changes to policies has the right to make changes to it's privacy policy at any time. The date that this policy was updated will be displayed at the start of this document and will serve as the only means of notification of any change to the information therein.

For inquiries regarding this privacy policy or our compliance to the GDPR, please send us an email outlining your concerns to